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Our Travel Resources

When we travel, we have certain resources that we like to check out to help us in booking our flights, accomodations and our non-flight transportation. Here is where you will find our go to resources that help us in planning our trips. 


Momondo is probably our favorite website to use for booking flighs. We seem to find our best prices here and you can also book hotels and car rentals if needed.

Sky Scanner is probably our second favorite site to check. You can compare millions of flights to help you find a cheap flight.  

We also check Google Flights out to see what prices they can find. Google Flights is fast and tells you if you are getting a fair price or not. You can also book your hotels as well. 

Kayak is another site we will check out to compare prices. Kayak also give you the opportunity to book hotels and car rentals as well. 


If you are looking for information about travel by train, then this should be the first place you check out! He also has some information on travel by ferry as well.

This is another great website that we visit when on our travels. If you are looking for information about travel by train, plane, boat or ferry then be sure to look here.


Probably the overall best website we used to find cheap accommodations to stay around the world. 

Great website for finding cheap places to stay in any country you find yourself, however its niche is still Asia. We found this website consistently offered the best prices and choice while traveling through Asian countries.

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